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Are You the Victim of a Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident in Colorado?

black motorcycle on it's side in the road | Hit and Run Motorcycle Accident in Colorado

At least seventy-five percent of all motorcycle accidents result from a collision with another vehicle, and in well over half of these accidents the driver of the motor vehicle was directly responsible of violating the motorcyclist’s right-of-way. Intersections are the primary place motorcycle accidents happen, particularly when a motorist makes a left turn in front of the oncoming motorcycle. This miscalculation can lead to death or severe injury of the motorcyclist, whether it was caused from an inability to see the oncoming motorcycle rider or a belief on the driver’s part that he or she could be completely turned before the motorcyclist arrived at the intersection. If you’re the victim of a hit and run motorcycle accident in Colorado, our experienced attorneys can help you seek fair compensation.

How Hit and Runs Occur

In the event of an impending collision, the motorcycle rider generally has less than two seconds to attempt to avoid the crash. Many motorcycle accidents occur in this manner: The motorcycle rider is riding along minding his own business, enjoying the weather or the scenery, when a speeding driver veers toward the motorcyclist, forcing him off the road. This in turn causes the motorcyclist to lose control of his motorcycle and slam into a fixed object such as a post or tree. The driver of the automobile never even slows down, and the motorcyclist is left injured and bleeding by the side of the road with no person to hold responsible for his potentially life-changing injuries.

Alternately, a motorist comes from behind, aggressively passing the motorcyclist, clipping the bike and causing the motorcyclist to skid off the road, once more ending up with severe injuries. While most of us would consider both these scenarios instances of driver negligence, the difference in some states is that the first accident would not be covered through the motorcyclist’s insurance because there was no actual contact between the vehicle and the motorcyclist. The second scenario would potentially be covered however either way both of these are instances of hit and run, leaving the motorcyclist severely injured or even dead, with nobody to accept the blame.

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Will You Be Covered in the Event of a Hit and Run?

Different states have very different laws concerning hit and run accidents, and if you routinely ride a motorcycle to work or for recreation, you should definitely take a look at your current insurance policy to determine whether hit and run accidents with no contact are covered.  As far as making the person who hit you accept responsibility for the accident, it can be very difficult to find the person responsible if there were no witnesses.

Motorcyclists who have just been struck or were caused to veer off the road due to an oncoming car in their lane will rarely have the time to get a license plate number or even note any details about the car or driver. If the hit and run took place on a deserted roadway, the police may never find the person responsible for your accident. If the person is eventually located, they will be subject to increased criminal penalties for leaving the scene of the accident and may also affect their level of civil liability.

The Importance of Getting Legal Assistance

If you’ve been the unfortunate victim of a hit and run motorcycle accident it is very important that you find a highly experienced Colorado personal injury attorney with specific background in motorcycle accidents. A knowledgeable attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of the facts surrounding your accident, seeking evidence which will validate your claim. You are entitled to recover your medical expenses, your lost wages, the damages to your motorcycle as well as any physical pain and emotional trauma you may have experienced following the accident. A qualified Northern Colorado motorcycle attorney can ensure you receive what is rightfully yours.

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