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Motorcycle Accident Related Facial Lacerations

Cute young woman wearing a motorcycle helmet | Car Accident Related Facial Lacerations

Motorcycle accidents often result in serious facial lacerations for the motorcycle victim. After all, there is little to protect the motorcyclist from the 3000 plus pounds of metal and steel in a passenger vehicle. While many motorcycle accident victims receive severe or fatal injuries, including spinal cord injuries and brain trauma, these accidents also commonly result in facial lacerations and other facial injuries. Such injuries can lead to permanent scarring or disfigurement, and the emotions which accompany such tragic injuries can blend with the physical effects and become devastating, changing the victim’s future forever.

What is a Facial Laceration?

Cuts or tears in the facial tissue are known as facial lacerations; they may go deeper than the skin and involve nerve endings or tendons in the facial structure. Many times a facial laceration contains jagged or torn edges caused by any number of objects the face comes in contact with during the accident. Long or especially deep lacerations are more commonly known as gashes, while a wound in which the tissue is literally ripped away from the face is known as an avulsion. When the skin is separated but not missing and is the result of the face scraping against a rough surface, the injuries are known as abrasions. Facial lacerations are particularly sensitive, as more care must be taken to minimize the scarring and potential disfiguration. Facial lacerations following a motorcycle accident can cause intense levels of pain, copious amounts of blood, and may become infected, leading to further complications.

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How are Facial Lacerations Treated?

Facial lacerations are treated first by halting the bleeding through use of pressure. Next the wounds are cleaned and the damage is assessed. The victim will be given medication for numbing the pain, whether topical or injection and the wound will be closed with tape, glue or stitches. Certain facial lacerations may require immobility and topical medications or bandages may be applied. Care must be taken to avoid life-threatening loss of blood or infection. The victims of facial lacerations may experience continuous pain for weeks, months or even years following the accident, and could also be subject to severe scarring, nerve damage and even loss or damage of one or both eyes.

Healing Following Facial Lacerations from a Motorcycle Accident

The treatment of facial lacerations tends to be a long-term process, depending on the severity of the wounds. The victim will be given a specific treatment plan for the facial injuries which will likely include multiple surgeries to repair the damage and possible plastic surgeries. Facial lacerations injuries can take an extreme emotional toll on the victim, requiring psychological counseling in addition to treatment for the physical pain and injuries. Such surgeries can be very expensive, require time away from work and can even lead to the breakdown of the victim’s close relationships. Mounting medical bills can seem overwhelming when the victim is also dealing with the other issues surrounding the facial lacerations.

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